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Michael Servos was born in Ioannina in 1948. His family hails from Sopiki Northern Epirus. He is married to Theodora and has one daughter, Evanthia and one son Vasilios. He lived his childhood at Pogoniani, Ioanninon, Epirus, Greece. He immigrated to USA with his parents at the age of 14. The adoption of his pseudonym DEMOSTHENES DODONAIOS denotes his fervent adoration of the Ancient Hellenic Civilization.


Founder and President of FREIGHTZ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY with web site WWW.FREIGHTZ.COM, with National and International activities.

Founder and president of a Development Company, SERVOS REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY.

Founder and president of Telephone Company, ESODUS COMMUNICATIONS.


A graduate from GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL of New York.


Studies at RCA INSTITUTE of New York, TV Producing and Directing.



Founder and first President of the Epirotic Society of Florida, USA.

Founder of the Panhellenic Federation of Florida, USA.

Radio broadcaster for two hour weakly program for (5) five years, keeping the Hellenic Community of Florida USA informed on issues of National interest with particular emphasis on the Northern Epirus issue. He, himself, covered all the expenses.

He organized successfully (3) National Conventions of the Panepirotic Federation of America in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

1997 ------------------------- 30th Convention
2003 ------------------------- 33rd Convention
2005 ------------------------- 34th Convention

He established the ( OLYMPIAS AWARD ), to honor the Memory of Great Alexander�s mother Olympias . The Olympias Award is granted annually to any individual who offers his/hers service to Epirotism and Epirus.

He served as a Governor of the Panepirotic Federation of America for (3) consecutive terms.


Founder and first President of the Panhellenic Federation of Organizations of Florida, USA.

He played a leading part for the establishment of PLATO ACDEMY CHARTER SCHOOL. In this Public School in Clearwater, Florida, USA, students of different Nationalities are taught the Greek Language.

As President of the Panhellenic Federation of Florida driven by his own initiative, he petitioned the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open and operate a Greek General Consulate in Tampa Florida, USA. The petition was accepted and the Greek Consulate is operating in Tampa Florida.

He is the donor of the Bronze statue of THEODOROS GRIEGO, the first Greek (Hellene) who set foot on AMERICA in Tampa Bay Area on April 14, 1528. The statue is standing at Clearwater Beach, Florida USA.

Co-Founder of the ATHENIAN ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL, the first Public Elementary School in Dunedin Florida, USA where the Greek Language is taught with a great success.

He successfully organized the Commercial Exhibition DIONYSOS in Harbor View Exhibition Center of Clearwater Florida, USA.


He held an office as the President of the Panepirotic Federation of America.

He petitioned the Greek Ministry of Transportation to rename the Airport of Ioannina, Greece after KING PYRRHUS. It was accepted and today the Airport is operating under the new name.

After the change of the name, he donated the Bust of King Pyrrhus to be placed at the Airport, honoring, the memory of the Army Commander, King Pyrrhus.

He created the web site WWW.PANEPIROTIC.ORG which is now, as cyber Space, the meeting junction of all Epirotes Globally.

He is the pioneer of building the Great Alexander�s mother�s Statue, OLYMPIAS. This Statue was sculpted with the financial support of the Epirotes and friends in America.

The OLYMPIAS Statue has been placed in the Central Square of Ioannina, Greece, which has been renamed OLYMPIAS SQUARE after the Mayor of Ioannina, Mr. Nikos Gontas, approved his Petition.

He honored the Sopikiotes in Northern Epirus, Greece by donating the Monument of the Cooper-makers, which stands at Sopiki.

He also donated to the Capital of Epirus, Ioannina, Greece the Statue of King Pyrrhus ( the Symbol of Epirotes ) which standing at King Pyrrhus Square. The statue was unveiled by the President of Hellenic Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias.

He is the inspirer and Pioneer of the Publication of a book under the tittle � THE GREEK NATIONAL MINORITY IN ALBANIA � in (3) Languages, Greek, English and Albania. The contents of the book deal with a Historic retrospection of Northern Epirus along with all the Pacts and the Human Rights of the Northern Epirotes, as a recognized Minority by the International Community. It, also, includes all the activities of the Panepirotic Federation of America. The writer of the book is the distinguished professor of the University of Thraki, Greece, Mr. Fanis Malkidis.

He is the inspirer of the Statue of the Pogonisia mother which was made with the financial support of the unforgettable, Chris Pliatsikas. The Statue has been placed at Pogoniani, Ioanninon Epirus, Greece and is sculpted showing the mother dressed in the Traditional local attire. Pogoniani is the place of Origin of the President of Hellenic Republic, Honorable Karolos Papoulias.

He is the Co-Founder of the Universal Council of Epirotes Abroad.

Creator of the web site WWW.SOPIKI.ORG. This web site, as a Cyber Space, is the meeting junction of all Sopikiotes Globally.

He established the ( PYRRHUS AWARD ) in honor of the memory of PYRRHUS THE GREAT, granted to an individual who has offered his/hers services to Epirotism and Epirus. The PYRRHUS AWARD is granted at the official Dinner of the National Convention of Panepirotic Federation of America.

With his initiative, a part of the Library of the Panepirotic Federation of America was donated to the University of Ioannina Epirus, Greece.


Former Candidate Regional President of America for the Council of Hellenes Abroad.

Delegate in (3) Global Conventions in Thessaloniki, Greece and in one Regional Convention in New York, USA of the Council of Hellenes Abroad.


Founder and the first President of the Foundation of Hellenism of America.

Creator of the web site for the Foundation. WWW.HELLENES.COM The pursued objective is to promote the Ancient Hellenic Civilization Abroad.

He had been President of the Cultural Committee of the Hellenic-American National Council.

He established the ( CLEISTHENEION AWARD ) honoring of CLEISTHENES, the Founder of DEMOCRACY to be granted at the official Dinner to an individual who has offered his/hers services to Hellenism and Humanity. The second CLEISTHENEION AWARD was granted to his Excellency the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias.

He created the first official (Hellenic Cemetery) in the USA, MORPHEUS under the sign FOR HELLENES ABROAD EVERY PLACE IS A GRAVE. The Cemetery lies in Palm Harbor Florida USA and is a part of the CURLEW HILLS MEMORIAL GARDENS CEMETERY with the web site WWW.CURLEWHILLS.COM . This project is a piece of History of Hellenism in America.

He established scholarships to be granted every year to students at Greek Schools of the region of Tampa Bay Area of the State of Florida, in the name of THEODOROS GRIEGO, the first Greek who set foot on the Western Coast of Florida, USA on April 14, 1528.

He is the inspirer and Pioneer for the Statue of Pericles, who started an ambitious project that built most of the surviving structures of the world�s greatest Cultural Monuments the Parthenon Temple of Goddess Athena. Pericles was a Great General, Leader, Politician, Statesman and Orator during the City of Athens Golden Age. Waiting the decision of Municipal Council of City of Nashville Tennessee, the Statue of Pericles in order to be placed in the entry of Parthenon in Athens of the South, in Nashville Tennessee USA.

Foundation of Hellenism of America, decided unanimously, for  Sister Cities, Port Angeles, of the State of Washington USA and the city Valeriano of Cephalonia, in Greece, Birth Place  of modern Odysseus of Greece, navigator Ioannis Fokas who was born in Cephalonia in 1530, afterwards his travel in the American Continent, returned in Greece and it died in 1602.
More than one century afterwards his death, in 1725, the Russian Academy of Sciences honored Greek navigator, naming Narrow that separates the International borders between the USA and Canada. (STRAITS OF JUAN DE FUCA). Each spring in the city of Port Angeles is organized   Juan de Fuca festival of Arts. Also, in the frame in the annual Cultural Summertime the city of  Valeriano organizes special event honoring of Juan de Fuca. Honoring, supporting
  and recognizing of the Greek navigator, the Greeks wish to donate a bronze statue of JUAN DE FUCA, that should be placed in visible point in the center of City Port Angeles in the State of Washington of United States America.

Foundation of Hellenism of America, intending at the promotion of Hellenism in America, decided unanimously for Sister Cities of Greece, of the State of New York of USA with the City of Nauplio in Greece. Nauplio, in 1829 became the first Capital of Greek State as Greece, after they took their independence from the Ottoman Empire and it was recognized by World Powers up to 1834, when the Capitol of Greece was transported in Athens.
The city Greece was incorporated in 1822. It took her name from the Country Greece, as clue of support to the Greek population that fought for his independence from the Ottoman domination. The name is also a dedicated to the Ancient-world-Nation as symbol of the Intellectual and Athletic Distinction. Honoring and Supporting Independence of Greece, the Greeks wish to donate a Bronze statue of Goddess Nike that symbolizes the Victory and Intellectual force, to the City of Greece of the State of New York of United States of America, which will be placed in a visible point in the center of City.


His work, his contribution and his multiple activities
offer to the Greeks (Hellenes) Abroad in particular to Hellenism in general, have been recognized from Greece
and the USA. Specifically, he has been granted the
following Distinctions:

The Medal of the Greek (Hellenic) Parliament for his contribution to Hellenism.

The Golden Key of the City of Clearwater Florida USA, from the Mayor Mr. Frank Hibbard for his donation of the Statue of the first Greek (Hellene) THEODOROS GRIEGO who set his foot on the West Coast of Florida USA, on April 14, 1528.

He is honored by the Panhellenic Federation of Florida, for his activities during the period of his Presidency.

He is honored by the Hellenic-American National for his contribution for the establishment of the first of the American Elementary Charter Schools where the Greek Language is taught.

The Epirotic Society of Florida USA, granted him the OLYMPIAS AWARD, for his valuable services during his Presidency.

A prestigious distinction from the Mayor of Ioannina Epirus Greece, Mr. Nikos Gontas, for his contribution to Ioannina, the City of Education and Arts, the Capital of Epirus Greece.

Honorary Member of the oldest Organization of Sopikiotes  in St Louis Missouri , was established more than 100 years ago.

The Macedonian Society of Florida USA �Alexander the Great� honoring him for the Olympias Statue which is placed in Ioannina the Capital of Epirus, Greece.

Honored with parchment along with Medal from the Organization of Pogonision of Northern Epirus for his initiative to have the Statue of Pogonisia Mother placed in Pogoniani Epirus, Greece.

Honored with the Golden Key of the City of Tarpon Springs by the Mayor Madam Beverly Billiris, for his contribution to the Greek American Community.

Received the Honorary Citizen of the Community of Sopiki in Northern Epirus, for his valuable services to Hellenism.

Candidate to be granted the insignia the Order of Phoenix from the President of Hellenic Democracy for acknowledgement and reward for his outstanding services to Hellenism.

Michael Servos has been nominated for the 2010 ELLIS ISLAND MEDAL of HONOR, are awarded annually to a group of distinguished American citizens who exemplify a life dedicated to community service. People who preserve and celebrate the history, traditions and values of his/her ancestry and who dedicate themselves to creating a better world for us all.